Forensic Accounting – Team or Individual Event

Forensic Accounting:

Setup Time: 5 min.          Performance Time: 7 min.          Judges’ Questions: 3 min.

Other Information:

  • Team or Individual Event
  • At the State Leadership Conference only a collaborative, objective test will be given.
  • Participants are able to research the case during the period from receiving the case until presentation time.
  • A general meeting will be held at the NLC the afternoon of the opening day for
  • Facts and working data must be cited and be secured from quality sources (peer review docs, legal docs, experts in the fild, etc.).
  • One (1) member should introduce the team and provide a case summary. All team members must participate in the presentation.
  • Teams will be permitted to bring prepared notes.
  • Presentation materials (i.e., posters, flp charts, etc.) are allowed. Teams must provide all materials to be utilized; however, no items may be left with the judges.
  • The following will be provided: Internet, screen, power, table, and projector. Participants utilizing Apple products or other devices that do not have a VGA or HDMI port will need to provide their own adapters.

Forensic Accounting Rating Sheet