Nebraska PBL
State Officer Goals

State Goals:

  1. Achieve the total membership of 220 members by April 1st.

    1. Reactivating two PBL chapters  

    2. Emphasizing active recruitment within operating chapters

    3. Reaching out to 5 FBLA chapters

    4. Holding a booth at the FBLA State Leadership Conference

  2. Collaborate to get all 60 competitive events sponsored before SLC 2021.

  3. Create an FBLA-PBL membership committee comprised of state officers and local chapter members of each organization to review collaborative ideas and implement joint projects.

  4. Create pre-recorded video content to be released 3-times per month featuring alumni success stories, partnership job and internship opportunities, business tours, leadership development programming, and more.

  5. Utilize social media in unique and creative ways.

  6. Implement a monthly virtual statewide membership newsletter in order to disseminate critical deadlines and information, announce member of the month winners, provide alumni engagement opportunities, and more.