Nebraska FBLA - Collegiate
State Officer Goals

State Goals:

  • Membership- 200 members for the 2023-2024 membership year by the SLC registration date.
    • 60 by CCC

    • 25 per month until SLC

    • Giveaway each month 

  • Communication-  75% of members signed up for Remind101 by March 31st.
    • Use the Remind channel twice a month to send out important dates and Monday Motivations.

  • Finance- Raise $16,000 in sponsorships for the State Leadership Conference. Have each officer reach out to 3 businesses in order to recruit new sponsors. 
  • Get every event sponsored and increase the scholarship amount.
  • Technology month, we want to increase traffic on the website by 10% compared to 2022-2023. Keep the website updated by posting new content at least once a month. 
  • Public Relations-(make the accounts more consistent), more engagement, videos, posts, carousels, reels (mix it up)