Midland University supports breast cancer awareness

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life, odds are everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by this horrible disease. So Midland University PBL set out to open their fellow warriors’ eyes to the widespread impact breast cancer has on our community and educate their peers on the dangers of the disease that holds the 1st place rank of cancer mortality in women aged 20-39. 

 Armed with information, homemade ribbons, and lots of tape they set out to make a statement as national breast cancer awareness month comes to a close. As students came and went from the cafeteria on campus members were waiting, ready to spread information about the disease and help the student body honor those who have fought this horrible disease, support those currently in the battle, and remember those we’ve lost.

 As students scrawled the names of friends and family onto pink ribbons PBL members posted them on the windows, creating a visual statement to the widespread impact of this horrible disease, and to serve as a reminder of the importance of education and prevention of breast cancer.

-Cailin Brashear