PBL Professional Photo Booth

On February 21, 2018, Midland University hosted its annual career and internship fair. In this event, Midland students and alumni took advantage in networking with over 70 potential employers ranging from a variety of industries. The numerous employers in attendance included Boys Town, Sandhills Publishing, First National Bank, and Gallup. Also, the students and alumni had the opportunity to win various prizes, such as the Amazon Echo, one men’s suit, or a $100 Loft gift card.This career and internship fair was a wonderful opportunity to help these potential employees to have the perfect first impression with employers, as well as finding the perfect job or internship that best fit them. Midland PBL took this opportunity to help these potential employees, as well.

During the career and internship fair, Midland PBL hosted a professional photo booth. Students and alumni attending the fair would have the opportunity to get a professional photo taken for free so that they would have an updated photo for their LinkedIn accounts. PBL members Axle Klausen and Seth Strudthoff greatly contributed by taking the photos. “It was rewarding to see all the people who care about advancing their careers,” said Klaussen. Taking a professional photo was indeed a perfect first step for an individual to advance his or her career. The photo booth was a tremendous success. In total, 196 professional photos were taken. With such a successful and rewarding project, Midland PBL is driven to succeed in future projects.