Computer Animation – Team or Individual Event

Computer Animation:

Setup Time: 5 min.          Performance Time: 7 min.          Judges’ Questions: 3 min.

Topic: Create a character to be a spokesman for business ethics. Once the character is designed, create an animated video discussing the importance of ethics in business.

Other Information:

  • Team or Individual Event
  • Animation will be used to create a standalone video product
  • This is not fiming a live-action video, it is creating an animated video addressing the topic
  • Video should be 30 to 60 seconds in length and must be shown in its entirety during presentation. Copyright issues should be addressed in the credits of the fim.
  • The presentation is designed to be an explanation of equipment used, software used, the development process, an overview of how copyright laws were addressed, and challenges experienced during the process.

Computer Animation Rating Sheet