Performance Events via Zoom

This year we are going virtual for our annual Nebraska PBL State Leadership Conference. In order to have our members compete in performance events, we will be utilizing the Zoom app. ALL performance event competitors, judges, chairs, and prep assists will receive an email that houses the Zoom invite link. This will be how you access our online conference. Please see the videos below for instructions on how to join and participate in our conference via zoom. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kendra Beller ( and she will help you through the process. Thank you for your flexibility with this years conference as well as your dedication to our organization!

DAY OF PERFORMANCES: If you have questions, please log onto the main Zoom session and ask Kendra questions via chat feature. She will help manage all questions while Jennifer keeps participants moving through the appropriate rooms!

Instructional Video for Participants

Unfortunately, one part of our video was cut off and the instructions were not included. The portion that was cut off was the information regarding what occurs when you enter a PREP ROOM. Please see those written instructions below:

  1. Enter breakout room (as instructed in video)
  2. Once in breakout room, you will be able to interact with your team (no other teams will be in this room)
  3. The proctor will send the case study via chat (click the chat icon at the bottom of the zoom window)
  4. Once your prep time is over, you will have to leave the breakout room and return to the main session (click “leave breakout room” in the bottom right corner of your page, and then click “return to main session” on the pop up)

Instructional Video for Judges

Instructional Video for Chairs