Why PBL can benefit anyone!

Here is Shanae Baker’s PBL journey!

My first experience with PBL was at a social to recruit new members, and it worked! Last spring was the first year I became involved and took part in the State Leadership Conference. I competed in four events, a few were presentations, which I was hesitant about. Our groups made it to nationals in two events, and I gained more confidence as we practiced. We ended up placing seventh at nationals, which motivated me to do more the next year. I ran for chapter president and the ability to help guide others on the same journey has been very fulfilling.

This year I am thrilled to see what skills I develop while creating projects, which I will compete at state and nationals with. A few more benefits are, many of my friendships have been built working on projects, a tremendous amount of confidence, public speaking skills, and professional networking skills. I encourage everyone to join PBL because of how much this club has to offer in personal and professional development. This club has developed member’s for the better and seeing my friends on stage at the national conference is an incredible feeling you can only have in PBL. In PBL competitions, there are so many options for everyone. No matter what career path you choose, PBL helps improve all professional aspects you could need.